Malaga printable map of top tourist attractions & city travel guide

Malaga city centre free travel guide - Top 10 must-see sights & best destinations - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga city centre free travel guide top 10 must see sights best destinations

Maps of best attractions in Malaga, Spain

Malaga maps will guide you to the best destinations in the city. Although it’s the so-called capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a city that most visitors only pass through en route to the beach. But the city’s gardens, centuries-old palaces, and Moorish ruins give it a nostalgic, even romantic air. Malaga top sights and key landmarks to visit are plotted on our detailed city plans. Public transportation points are also marked, and indicated by the symbols listed in the maps key. Equipped with these maps, you should be able to find the accurate location of must-see places including the Cathedral, Pablo Picasso Museum, Alcazaba Palace, Gibralfaro Castle, Contemporary Art Museum, Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta bullring. Mapping out a trip to explore Malaga can be far from the usual. This page includes a range of maps and plans which will help you make the most of your visit to Malaga. If you are either a first-time tourist looking for the top 10 must-do sights or if you are returning to Malaga to discover something new - all you need to ensure an enjoyable trip is some advance planning. For some help in narrowing down the options, we present you with a range of high resolution maps which will help you find the detailed locations of the must-see sights - just click on a selected map to access a large version that can be downloaded and printed, or saved onto your mobile device. When in Malaga, you can also get free pocket-size maps of the city from the tourist information centre.

Malaga, Spain virtual interactive 3d detailed map - City center free printable visitor's detailed tourist guide download showing inner old & new town buildings, must-see sights, sightseeing places of interest best museums, art galleries, shopping, historic city centre with La Malagueta Bullring (Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta) - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga spain virtual interactive 3d detailed city center free printable visitors detailed tourist guide download inner old new town buildings must see sights sightseeing places interest best museums art galleries shopping historic city centre La Malagueta Bullring Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta

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Malaga beach map - Detailed itinerary popout interactive map showing historical places - What to see, where to go, directions to interesting things to do - Illustrated map for children, family in English with metro region, Historic City Centre, Port, Railway & Coach Station, Aiport - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga beach detailed itinerary popout interactive historical places what see where go directions interesting things do illustrated children family english metro region historic city centre port railway coach station aiport

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Map of Malaga metro (subway, underground, tube) lines 1 & 2, public transport network plan - Zones, routes, stops, updated transit diagram, suburban train - Malaga top tourist attractions map

map malaga metro subway underground tube lines public transport network plan zones routes stops updated transit diagram suburban train

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Detailed interactive shopping map of Malaga - Central free to download offline city street map of top attractions & places - Printable virtual city centre map - Detailed travel map showing places to visit, must-see tourist attractions, famous destinations - Malaga top tourist attractions map

detailed interactive shopping malaga central free download offline city street top attractions places printable virtual city centre detailed travel places visit must see tourist attractions famous destinations

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Malaga Picasso museum map in Spain - Downloadable tourist guide for visitors showing simple outline of neighborhoods, districts, roads, must-see places, free to download layout plan - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga picasso museum spain downloadable tourist guide visitors simple outline neighborhoods districts roads must see places free download layout plan

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Malaga tourist information plan map - Free to download interactive Espana visitor's guide - Central area tourist (turistico) information with offline downloadable & virtual interactive hd plan showing overview of the trip highlights - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga tourist information plan free download interactive espana visitors guide central area tourist turistico information offline downloadable virtual interactive hd plan overview trip highlights

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Malaga detailed printable map to download showing tourist information city (ciudad) centre - Sightseeing old town tour poster guide itinerary planner showing layout of best things to do - Favourite attractions & points of interest to visit by tourists - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga detailed printable download tourist information city ciudad centre sightseeing old town tour poster guide itinerary planner layout best things do favourite attractions points interest visit tourists

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Malaga bus itinerary planner - Central Malaga free map of EMP public transportation - Visitor's 3d virtual interactive printable information plan to download - Downtown destinations map showing main points of interest, monuments, museums, landmarks, destinations, bazaars, markets - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga bus itinerary planner central malaga free emp public transportation visitors 3d virtual interactive printable information plan download downtown destinations main points interest monuments museums landmarks destinations bazaars markets

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Malaga old city detailed map of hotels, restaurants, tapas bars, nightlife - Renfe train & bus station - Interactive virtual city centre map showing directions to sightseeing places with best sights, destinations to visit - Central district top highlights guide map in English - Printable sightseeing plan with tourist information - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga old city detailed hotels restaurants tapas bars nightlife renfe train bus station interactive virtual city centre directions sightseeing places best sights destinations visit central district top highlights guide english printable sightseeing plan tourist information

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Malaga area detailed map showing restaurants, hotels - Free printable map with distances & walking directions to interesting sights, simple & easy to navigate diagram showing holiday top points of interest - Central district neighourhood orientation - Malaga top tourist attractions map

malaga area detailed restaurants hotels free printable distances walking directions interesting sights simple easy navigate diagram holiday top points interest central district neighourhood orientation

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Map of top 10 attractions in Malaga

The typical top ten attractions are listed below. You can find the detailed locations of these places on the maps above.

  • Alcazaba - The remains of this ancient Moorish palace are within easy walking distance of the city center, off the Paseo del Parque. Plenty of signs point the way up the hill. The fortress was erected in the 9th or 10th century, although there have been later additions and reconstructions. Fernando and Isabel stayed here when they reconquered the city. With orange trees and purple bougainvillea making the grounds even more beautiful, the view overlooking the city and the bay is among the most panoramic on the Costa del Sol.
  • Gibralfaro Castle (Castillo de Gibralfaro) - On a hill overlooking Malaga and the Mediterranean are the ruins of an ancient Moorish castle-fortress. The walls are crumbling and the keep is little more than a jungle of ragweed, but the views are spectacular. It is adjacent to the government-run parador and might easily be tied in with a luncheon visit. Warning: Do not walk to Gibralfaro Castle from town. Tourists have reported muggings along the way, and the area around the castle may be dangerous. Take the bus from the cathedral.
  • Contemporary Art Museum (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo CAC de Málaga) - This contemporary arts center lies in a renovated old wholesalers' market and stages the best array of temporary art exhibitions in town, many showcasing the works of international artists such as Alex Katz and Louise Bourgeois. It always has a permanent exhibition. The museum also focuses some of its exhibitions on up-and-coming Spanish artists, and it displays photographic studies in its vast exhibition space. Skip it if you have time only for Museo Picasso Málaga, but try to see it if you can, as Málaga rivals Sevilla as the major cultural center of modern art in southern Spain.
  • Cathedral - This 16th-century Renaissance cathedral in Málaga's center, built on the site of a great mosque, suffered damage during the Spanish Civil War, but its missing bell tower was simply never built. (Work halted in 1782, earning the building the nickname La Manquite, or "the One- Armed Lady") It nonetheless remains vast and impressive, reflecting a basically Gothic architecture with baroque decoration. Its most notable attributes are the richly ornamented choir stalls, which include 40 master wood carvings by Pedro de Mena
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation (Fundación Picasso) - A well-told tale concerns the birth of Picasso: In October 1891, when the artist was born, he was unable to draw breath until his uncle blew cigar smoke into his lungs. Whether this rather harsh entry into the world had any effect on his work is mere speculation. What cannot be denied is the effect he was to have on the world. He was born in a five-story building in the heart of Málaga's historic quarter; this is where he spent the first 17 months of his life. Today, the house is both headquarters of the Picasso Foundation and a library for art historians. The Picasso family lived on the second floor, called Casa Natal. The original furnishings are long gone, but you will see a permanent exhibit of Picasso ceramics, sculpture, and engravings, along with a few family artifacts. The museum mounts temporary exhibitions featuring avant-garde works from Picasso's time.
  • Pablo Picasso Museum (Museo Picasso Málaga and Casa Natal de Picasso) - In the Old Quarter a short walk from Picasso's birthplace, this museum displays some of his important works. The museum, which opened in 2003, combines a restored 16th-century Mudéjar palace, Palacio de Buenvista, with a series of Modernist buildings that evoke the Pueblos Blancos in the hills above Málaga. The Spanish dictator Franco detested Picasso, his politics, and his "degenerate art," and refused the artist's offer to send paintings from France to Málaga in the 1950s. (The feeling, by the way, was mutual.) Ultimately, the collection here was made possible by two of Picasso's heirs: his son Paulo's wife, Christine Ruiz-Picasso; and Bernard, Christine and Paulo's son. Many of the artworks are virtual family heirlooms, including paintings depicting one of the artist's wives, such as Olga Kokhlova with Mantilla, or one of his lovers, Jacqueline Seated. Basically, this is the art Picasso gave to his family or else the art he wanted to keep for himself—in all, more than 200 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, and graphics. Some other notable works on display - many of them never on public view before - include Bust of a Woman with Arms Crossed Behind Her Head, Woman in an Armchair, and The Eyes of the Artist. There is also a memorable painting of Picasso's son, done in 1923.
  • Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta (La Malagueta bullring) - La Malagueta Bullring, which forms a regular 16-sided polygon, houses the Antonio Ordoñez Bullfighting Museum where visitors will find an array of objects relating bullfighting. It is located in Paseo de Reding, in the district of La Malagueta.

What are some interesting facts about Malaga?

Pick up a detailed map at the tourist information centre - The Tourist Office is located in Plaza de la Marina 11. You will be able to pick up large maps covering the city and the surrounding region.

Map orientation & surrounding area - The outstanding feature of the Costa del Sol is its ease of access. Hundreds of flights arrive here every week, and Málaga airport is positioned midway between Málaga, the main city on the coast and Torremolinos resolt.

Getting around with our maps - The best way to get around the crowded city center is to print our maps and travel using the public transport network.

Getting from the airport - From the airport, the electric train (ferrocarril) provides the easiest approach to Málaga (every 30min). The Málaga platform is the one farthest away and reached by an underpass; stay on the train right to the end of the line – the Centro-Alameda stop (12min). Alternatively, city bus #19 leaves from outside the Arrivals hall (every 30min), stopping at the train and bus stations en route to the centre and the Paseo del Parque near the port, from where you can also pick it up in the opposite direction when you're returning to the airport. A taxi into town from the rank outside the Arrivals hall will depending on traffic and time of day take roughly fifteen minutes.

Renfe train station - The city's impressive new RENFE train station is southwest of the heart of town; bus #3 runs from here to the centre every 10min or so. The bus station is just behind the RENFE station, from where all buses (run by a number of different companies) operate. In summer, it's best to arrive an hour or so early for the bus to Granada, since tickets can sell out.

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